5sports is registered as "COVID Safe" with the NSW Gov.

+ 5sports falls under the section titled "Sports and recreation" in the NSW Gov covid-19 Restrictions .
- Screen shots (taken June 22) of those Restrictions are below.

+ All people entering 5sports must comply with these restrictions while at 5sports.
- Anyone not complying will be asked to leave 5sports immediately.

+++ BASICS of 5sports Policies +++
1. Do not attend 5sports if you are unwell or have any reason to believe you may be carrying the covid-19 virus.
2. Non players must adhere to Social Distancing requirement of 1.5 meters.
3. Limit of 35 people inside the club lounge areas at one point in time.
Please do not stay inside unless you are at reception or the kiosk.
4. Limit of 12 people in "Ladies amenities facilities" and 12 people in "Mens amenities facilities" at any one point in time.
I[- Please leave the amenities as soon as you are finished - you know what we mean :).
5. Practice good hygiene at all times.
- We have free Hand Sanitiser at reception and at the entry into the amenities areas.
- There is soap dispensers in the amenities wash basins and hand dryers.

Got a question? CallĀ 02 9540 6555