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  • You pay via auto debit each month for 12 months.
  • You do not pay another cent irrespective of how many comps you play in during our standard seasons
    - Summer Comps 1
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5sports Comp basics

  • We aim to provide a Fun and Safe place for everyone to play and watch.
  • Games are played in 1 hour time slots
    - 2 x 20 minute halves plus stoppages and half time
  • Teams consist of 5 players inc goalie with a max of 3 reserves (max 8 players total) with unlimited interchanges
  • The ball is always In Play with our Rebound Boards
  • We have zero tolerance of dangerous play, foul language, over zealous parents & spectators, etc
    - Yes, we ban people who are "trouble"
  • All our Refs are trained "in house" so you do not have to ref.
  • Every court has a dedicated CCTV recording every game so could play will be reviewed and action taken.
  • We are not a club or an association - we are "Switzerland" and a "soccer politics free zone."

All players and spectators at 5sports enter 5sports on the basis that they accept 5sports Terms & Conditions

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