Why do children have tutoring or music, tennis, etc lessons etc where they have "1 on 1" or "2 on 1" with the teacher?
You now understand why we offer Private Lessons.

FAQ's about 5sports Private Lessons

A. Kory Babington evaluates the needs of every player and appoints the Coach he considers most suitable for the player. Kory personally programs all lessons for all players.
A. 1 or 2 players per lesson.
A. 50 minutes of Coaching Time per lesson. That gives the coach 10 minutes in between lessons to speak to parents and set up etc.
A. $90 per lesson. If parents organise another child to share the lesson then they sort out between themselves who pays what, but the total price is still $90.
A. Only if you give us at least 24hrs notice. Cancelations must be emailed to more than 24hrs prior to the start of the lesson, and payments will go on your 5sports as a Credit to be used at any time for anything else.
A. All lessons will proceed in all weather with the exception of sever storm, lightening, or hail - ie they do not stop due to rain.
A. If you don't think the first lesson was great then we will refund you 100% of the fee.

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5sports Private Coaching Questionnaire

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