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Kory Babington is our Director Football

Kory personally programs every Private Lesson using the XPS Network software.
See Korys impressive CV here.

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  • Q1.The Money Back Guarantee??
    A. If you don't think the first lesson was great then we will refund you 100% of the fee.
  • Q2. How many players can be in the lesson?
    A. 1 or 2 players per lesson
  • Q3. What is the cost when there are 2 players?
    A. $22.50 each. You must sort out the payments between yourselves and just pay the one $45 lesson fee.
  • Q4. How long is the Lesson?
    A. 50 minutes.
  • Q5. Can I cancel a lesson?
    A. ONLY if you give us at least 24hrs notice.
    - Cancelations must be emailed to more than 24hrs prior to the start of the lesson
  • Q6. Do cancelled lessons get refunded?
    A. You can either have a refund or leave it on your 5sports as credit to use another time: it's up to you.
  • Q7. Do lessons get washed out?
    A. No.
    All lessons will proceed in all weather with the exception of sever storm, lightening, or hail - ie they do not stop due to rain.
  • Q8. What do the players do in a lesson?
    A. The focus of lessons will be 100% on Improving Individual Player Skills.
    - Every session follows a program designed and built by Kory Babington using the same XPS Network software that he uses for all the players in his program at Westfields Sports High School (Over 30 National Team players in that program headed by Kory).
    - Session plans are selected by Kory and the Coach to ensure it best suits the player(s) in the lesson.
  • Q9. Who does the coaching?
    A. A variety of coaches.
    - All coached trained and appointed to lessons by Kory.
    - In order to help Kory select the most suitable program and coach for each child he has created a Questionnaire that we require to be filled out.

5sports Private Coaching Questionnaire

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